Founder Equity’s approach to investing

21% of GDP and 11% of jobs are rooted in early stage tech, but investors haven’t had an efficient way to participate.

This document describes the Founder Equity, LLC approach to investing, and does not constitute an offer to sell securities. This information must not be relied upon in connection with any investment decision. – Founder Equity, LLC – 118 N. Peoria, Suite 3N, Chicago, IL 60610

Diversified early stage technology portfolio

Individual angel investing is time consuming and risky. Founder Equity solves that with a professionally managed, diversified portfolio for investors.

Fundamentally different: no management fees, no carry

Founder Equity has no management fees or carry, unlike venture capital funds, which typically take 20% (2% x 10 years) off the top as management fee, plus another 20% from the back-end as carry.

We invest early, where valuations are irrationally low

The increasing size of VC funds leads to larger, later stage venture investments. Founder Equity takes advantage of the resulting early stage hole in the market to find fantastic undervalued assets.

And aim to sell at high “growth stage” valuations

We seek businesses with high “growth stage” liquidity potential. We inject a mix of money and a seasoned team over 18-24 months, and then seek liquidity instead of “swinging-for-the-fences.” The goal is quicker value creation, reduced risk, greater efficiency, and faster liquidity.

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