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Founder Equity realizes that velocity is critical for successful asset value creation.

Early investment, focus on rapid value creation

We invest early when high-potential startups are undervalued. We quickly inject resources to push them over the hump to a part of the market where companies are overvalued. We aim to sell them to strategic acquirers quickly and at very high multiples.

Founders too often bogged down building productive teams

Particularly in the early stage, success is determined primarily by the quality of your team. Founder Equity invests in people and business models. Unfortunately, we have seen far too many cases where great founders were bogged down for 6-9 months after funding trying to recruit, onboard, and mesh new teams of highly sought after technologists, designers, and marketers. The most talented engineers, designers, and others often don’t want to take jobs at risky startups. But Founder Equity forms a stable platform for these extraordinarily talented people, and can offer the best of both worlds: dynamic and engaging projects, plus portfolio-reduced risk and increased stability.

We bring to bear a ready-made skilled team

Our team of full-time digital experts typically dive into our investments to play an active role in building and growing portfolio investments. By providing exceptionally talented people with powerful infrastructure and processes, Founder Equity has an opportunity to reduce risks (better diligence, ability to quickly fill key roles), and increase velocity (hard-to-find skills, sophisticated systems). Skill sets provided include: strategy, design, engineering, business development, marketing, and more.

Instant speed, and time to carefully build an internal team

By injecting our team early on in our investment cycle, our portfolio teams benefit from instant speed and highly coordinated infrastructure. That provides the founders—with assistance from Founder Equity—with the time to carefully curate and build the most effective team for their respective company. The result is instant speed, blending into a highly coordinated and optimized internal team.

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